The Bead Line

Green Set

Green Bracelet

No: 015 Price: $52.00
Green Earrings
No: 016 Price:$26.00
Amethyst Set Amethyst Bracelet
No: 017 Price:$16.00-Earrings
No: 018 Price:$32.00- Bracelet
Olive Set

Olive Earrings

No: 019 Price: $15.00- Earrings
No: 020 Price: $48.00- Bracelet

Purple Set

Amethyst Earrings
No: 021 Price:$15.00
Amethyst Bracelet
No: 022 Price:$42.00
Silver Fish set Silver Fish Earrings
No: 023 Price: $28.00
Silver Pair Silver Fish Bracelet
No: 024 Price:$46.00
Silver Circle Earrings Silver Spiral Earrings
No: 025 Price:$18.00 No: 026 Price:$25.00
Bead Earrings
Bead Earrings-Teal
No: 027 Price:$16.00
Dangle Beaded Earrings
Bead Earrings Multicolor
No:028 Price:$15.00 No: 029 Price:$16.00
Lavendar Dangle Earrings
Lavender Beaded Earrings
No: 030 Price:$18.00 No: 031 Price:$16.00


unique "gifts inspired by nature" by artist, Donna Maria Baggett.
© copyright 2005 - talquin treasures. all rights reserved.
all photographs featured on this website were taken by
and are the property of Donna Maria Baggett.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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