The Designer sets are original works of art featuring fused glass pendants, distinctive gemstone beads, or a combination of both. This collection is inspired by the nature of the components and often centered on an unusual color or pattern that I find particularly interesting. The jaspers are especially appealing, with their varied patterns and colors. Amethyst is another stone that I’m drawn to; but, other stones will also be featured in the Designer line as they find their way into my collection of gemstones! Likewise, when firing glass pendants, I select a few that stand out from the rest. These beauties find their way into my collection, patiently waiting for the day inspiration strikes and I know exactly what to do with them! While some styles may be similar, each piece is a limited edition, based on the uniqueness of the materials used.

Designer ensembles include a necklace, bracelet and earrings and, generally, range in price from $125 to $175 for the set.

Designer Two Necklace Designer Two Set
Designer Two Bracelet

Designer Three Sett

Fused Designer

Designer Three Earrings

Designer Three Bracelet

Designer Four Set
Designer Four NecklaceBracelet


unique "gifts inspired by nature" by artist, Donna Maria Baggett.
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