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Hi! Welcome to Talquin Treasures, your source for unique hand-crafted jewelry, wind chimes and other artwork. I am Donna Maria Baggett, Artist~Owner of Talquin Treasures. My business was formed in 1997, out of a creative spirit that just could not be stilled. Since its beginning, Talquin Treasures has been through several stages of evolution. Even though my art has changed over the years, my focus has always remained consistent ~ to create unique gifts that are inspired by nature.

The beauty found in nature has always brought great joy to my life. This beauty can be discovered through the simplest of activities ~ taking a walk on the beach in early morning, with the sun glistening on the waves, as a heron or ibis searches the surf for breakfast ~ going for a drive in the country after the new leaves have emerged in the Spring and trying to count all the various shades of green ~ watching a summertime shower over the lake and studying the symphony of patterns created on the water’s surface by the raindrops ~ these are the things that resonate with my soul and give me inspiration.

The greatest of these, though, is my love of seashells and the ocean. This love affair began at an early age, after our family took a vacation through Florida. Upon our return, my wonderful big brother spent hours teaching me how to identify seashells and assisting with cleaning and displaying the seashells we collected. The shells fascinated me ~ the incredible patterns displayed, their symmetry in structure and the remarkable colors! Over the years, this love has only grown and intensified. Since those early days, I’ve collected many shells and other treasures found at the ocean’s edge and many have found their way into my artwork.

In addition, I’ve discovered other materials that bring the sea to mind through color and texture. Art glass and glass beads can be found in a wide array of colors, styles and textures, many of which easily bring the ocean and its moods to mind ~ an aqua colored glass that reminds me of that first glimpse of the ocean on a sunny day ~ a lampworked bead that resembles the peachy-pink hue inside a conch shell ~ a piece of non-descript glass that, once kiln-fired, displays a remarkable beach scene. I discovered that by working with these materials alone, or in combination with seashells or shell designs, I am able to return to the beach in spirit, when unable to do so in body.

I hope you enjoy browsing through the Talquin Treasures website and that you will find your own link to the beauty of the ocean and the world that surrounds us through my Gifts Inspired by Nature!

Donna Maria


unique "gifts inspired by nature" by artist, Donna Maria Baggett.
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