The jewelry pieces pictured in the following galleries are one-of-a-kind designs and are unique and distinct based on the materials that comprise each piece. No two pieces are identical, just as nothing in nature is an exact duplicate. Each line includes a mix of earrings, bracelets and necklaces or pendants, none of which is mass-produced. Instead, each piece is designed and created individually.

The Shell Line includes a variety of styles, all of which feature components made of shell such as Mother-of-Pearl, rivershell or abalone. These components may be natural or dyed. Sterling silver or gold-filled beads and findings, glass beads or Swarovski crystals may also be found in many of the pieces. Due to the nature of all shell components, variations in patterns and colors are to be expected and serve to add interest to each creation.

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In the Bead Line, you’ll find a wide range of styles, colors and designs. Small lampwork beads are featured in many pieces. Sterling silver beads and findings are prevalent and may be the focus of some pieces. Gold-filled components may also be found in this line. Due to the tremendous selection of beads and findings available in the market today, this line is seemingly endless in its potential for variety.

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Lampwork beads have always held a certain fascination for me. While not a lampworker myself, I do have great admiration for all bead artists and enjoy purchasing beads that I find pleasing in color, design and shape. Using what I call the “ribbon wrap”, because it resembles a ribbon draped over a necklace, the individual bead is showcased. All wire-wrapping and other accents are either sterling silver or gold-filled. Although these pendants may be worn on a heavy chain, they do best when worn on the more rigid omega-style necklaces.

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The Fused Glass Pendant Line is probably the most “personal” of the lines and offers some of the most enjoyable work. I enjoy experimenting with many different types of glass and often include dichroic glass or millefiori (cane glass that resembles flowers) in my designs. Some designs may also incorporate inset lab-grown gems. Many pendants are wire wrapped using sterling silver or gold-filled wire and incorporate the “ribbon wrap” style seen in my bead pendants. Occasionally, you will find a piece that has been set using PMC Silver (99.9% silver). Each pendant is a unique piece of art.

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unique "gifts inspired by nature" by artist, Donna Maria Baggett.
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