Wind Chimes

Who can resist the sound of a wind chime dancing on the breeze? Talquin Treasures’ chimes will delight not only your sense of hearing with their subtle tinkling sound; but, also your sense of sight with their dramatic colors and patterns. The average size of most chimes is 6-8” in width and 25” in length. They may be displayed outdoors, as you would any chime; or, they may be hung indoors, possibly near a window where they’ll catch the light. Wherever they are, you will surely be delighted!

Chimes are available by special order only and range in price from $75 to $100. Prices are based on the overall size, materials used and complexity of the design. There is a wide variety of colors available in both styles. I will be happy to work with you in designing a chime to suit your particular needs. Delivery takes approximately 3 - 4 weeks. Examples of the styles and some colors are displayed in the followig Gallery. Please note that no two chimes are exactly the same as nothing in nature is exactly the same - each chime is individually crafted and designed.

Ocean Gem Wind Chimes

The Ocean Gem chime is a blend of shell, glass and beads. The centerpiece of each chime is an exquisite Abalone Shell that has been polished to reveal the remarkable patterns beneath the rough outer surface. The shells have been dyed and an acrylic sealer applied to protect the surface. Each shell is a work or art in itself! Beads and glass accentuate the dramatic colors and patterns in each centerpiece shell. Due to the variations in shell, glass and beads, each is truly an individual with its own unique color and sound that may be enjoyed indoors or out!

Beach Music Wind Chimes

The Beach Music chime is wholly comprised of glass. The centerpiece of each chime is fused glass displaying a pattern from nature such as shells, stars or fish. The flash of light you will see in the designs comes from bits and pieces of dichroic glass that has been included in the fusing. The stringers are also made of fused glass to coordinate with the centerpiece and glass beads add to the overall effect. Each chime is designed and created individually and is a unique work of art that may be hung indoors or out for your enjoyment!

Outdoor Chime


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